Intel Higher Education is gearing towards an Innovation Showcase – which will be a platform for students to present and showcase their Intel-based IoT projects and prototypes. The festival gives the students an opportunity to present their completed prototypes at the national level in front of the experts from the industry. 
The flow of the events that follow is as given below:

 1. The students should share the synopsis of the project at The mentors will then guide the students to take it further. Kindly share the project synopsis by Sep 1st 2016.Please find the enclosed format for synopsis for your reference.

2. Attend the weekly webinar sessions based on Intel Galileo boards platform which will be conducted by FICE. During these webinars, the students will be mentored through calls and emails.Links to Webinars will be shared by us.

3. Follow the Tech Talk given by leading experts in the industry on core areas like Automobile Industry, Internet Analytics and Machine Learning.Link to Tech Talks will be shared by us.

4. The best 50 projects (Working models) will be selected to participate in the  4-day Rapid Prototype Camp and Intel's Innovation Festival where the students will be provided assistance and support.The projects in this camp will undergo a screening process which will be held in the first week of October 2016 at Bengaluru. Students should attend this camp without fail along with their projects. 

5.Selected top 10 projects from Rapid Prototype Camp will get rigorous training at the ICICI Knowledge Park ( IKP) in October 2016 which will be attended by the industry experts, start-up entrepreneurs and academicians who will work closely with the teams to help in converting their projects to products.

SYNOPSIS FORMAT : click here to download