Dear Students,
Kindly note the following points with regard to the conduction of ECD lab

1.       Lab experiments to be begun from today as per the guidance from the Director.
2.       Experiments will be run in 2 cycles with 5 experiments per cycle.
3.       Lab manual is available in Higginbothams store. You are requested to bring the manual from the first lab itself.
4.       Circuits to be built on breadboard.
5.       Students need to possess lab journal(hard-bound) and an observation book.
6.       The design if any and experiment results must be noted on the observation book, completed experiments must be written on journal.
7.       Evaluation: 6 mark for conduction, 3 marks for exercise, 1 mark for solving extra problem which needs e given on the spot.
8.       In case of absence, the student must complete the experiment before the next lab by attending an extra lab of his/her convenience.
9.       Evaluation of any 2 missed lab with genuine reason to be conducted o/o 10. If the reason are not genuine, evaluation to be done o/o 6. Missing more than 2 lab must be marked 0.