AtoS IT Challenge 2017


Dear Participant

Greetings from Atos IT Challenge 2017 team and 
WELCOME to the 2017 edition of Atos IT Challenge!

The objective of this contest is to promote and encourage innovation in an open environment 
amongst best-in-class Universities and students and to support young innovators in taking 
their solution forward.

It’s a pleasure to reach out to you with our 2017 edition of Atos IT Challenge competition. 

The Challenge for the 2017
edition focuses on blockchain. 

In particular, we are looking for participants to come up with an innovative concept for an

application based on blockchain technologies that shows how the principle of secure, public
 ledgers can be used to disrupt conventional business models.

Think broad, your concept can address business applications as diverse as health, education, 
government services, Property, Digital Rights, the Internet of Things, etc. You should base your
application developments on existing blockchain platforms (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, etc.).
Registrations are open until November 30, 2016. Send your brilliant ideas now!


We look forward to some of the best innovative ideas and brilliant concept coming from your
participating teams.

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